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Our Curriculum

At the heart of our curriculum is the National Curriculum (The Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF)). This curriculum focuses on each child’s interests and emphasises the importance of play-based learning, however we have teamed this up with our structured intentional teaching focusing on preparing your child for primary school. We incorporate STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) elements into our daily program to ensure your child is exposed to these vital concepts needed to fully develop their potential.

We view children as independent confident learners who guide their learning through questioning, predicting, discovering, and problem solving. We support the children to achieve their learning through providing a diverse range of learning materials to enhance and extend their wonder and curiosity to learn. Our aim is to provide an environment which supports the love of life long discovery and a passion for learning.

Our intentional teaching in small groups provide for meaningful interactions and time for uninterrupted play in a safe yet challenging predictable environment. It allows educators to tailor our program to cater for your child’s needs and allows us to focus on areas of further development through the power of play. Our curriculum not only covers literacy and numeracy but also covers: STEM, health and wellbeing, physical activity, cultural awareness, sustainability, the arts including music, drama and languages. We lay the foundations needed in those vital early years to equip your child with all the necessary tools needed for primary school and beyond.

Our curriculum is a collaborative venture with input from children, families, educators and the community. We acknowledge the vital role parents play in their children’s learning so at Little Superstars we aim to collaborate with our parents to build and extend upon your child’s knowledge.

Through the EYLF we will aim to achieve the following learning goals for your child:

  • Build a strong sense of identity
  • Develop connections with their world
  • Build a strong sense of wellbeing
  • Develop confidence and involvement in their learning and to become effective communicators.

School Readiness

We have a comprehensive school readiness program (transition to school) for our preschool children. This program is designed to equip your child with all the tools required for primary school. The program not only covers literacy and numeracy, it covers STEM, emotional and physical wellbeing, and aims to give your child the confidence and resilience they need to become independent strong individuals capable of navigating their world to build friendships and a strong sense of identity.  Intentional teaching in small groups enhances your child’s learning experience, with educators using active strategies such as demonstrating, open questioning, shared thinking and problem solving.

Our transition to school program focuses on:

  • Academic skills
  • Social competence
  • Emotional development
  • Physical skills including health and wellbeing
  • Cultural awareness and inclusion
  • Environment and Sustainability
  • Self help skills

At Little Superstars we believe in going the extra mile for each and every child to ensure they progress and develop to the best of their ability. We tailor our learning to your child’s level and their needed areas of development. Progress reports are compiled every six months to assess the developmental progress of your child.

No child gets left behind at Little Superstars as we believe each child is capable of great potential.

We have invested in purchasing a plethora of great educational resources to ensure your child has access to the best. These resources include ipads, a social skills program to teach self-confidence, empathy and dealing with feelings, a music program that teaches children about rhythm, beat, tempo and more one on one time with our teachers to ensure your child is ready for big school.